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La Vanguardia – Tecnologia (Barcelona, Spain) June 26, 2012
Catalonia’s leading daily newspaper and the 4th Largest Daily Newspaper in Spain.*
Las apps de la semana: London 2012, Google I/O, ZeroBird e iSmartGate
El juego oficial de los JJ.OO. de Londres y aplicaciones para seguir Google I/O, filtrar los mensajes en Twitter y abrir la puerta del garaje con el móvil

…this is a personalized service that acts on the timeline of Twitter user and identifies everything he considers relevant to him filtered updates her profile on the microblogging social network, eliminates spam and select the information more interesting, comfortable and optimized for read-through mobile device. The more you use, the better it works.

YNET – The Feed Interview (Isreal) May 29, 2012
Ynet is the most popular Israeli news and general content website, which is the online outlet for Yediot Ahronot, the country’s secondleading daily newspaper.*
סטיב ג’ובס עדיין ויראלי אתר ציטוטים פשוט למראה הצליח לסחוף מילוני גולשים. מה סוד הקסם? עיצוב בסגנון רטרו, ביצי פסחא עם הפתעות והעובדה שהציטוטים שייכים למייסד אפל המנוח, סטיב ג’ובס

*Our knowledge of circulation is based on Wikipedia

Internet es Util – June 20, 2012
Una historia de emprendedores: de Zerobird a changemakrs, pasando por stevetold.us

Killer Startups – June 19, 2012
Changemakrs From Strange And Not So Strange Places

Yet over 2 million people visited the site in the first 48 hours it went live. The 3 million mark fell shortly after. Only the music video release “Be My Baby” by the Wonder Girls has come close to generating such a rapid initial following. There’s been nothing like it’s out-of-the blue-kind.

Yklab (Iran) May 26,2012
استیو به ما گفت….

The Next Web – May 25, 2012
Nearly 3M pageviews later: The exclusive story behind the inspirational SteveTold.Us

I’m personally interested in social good and seeing how people are inspired by technology, thoughts, and quotes. It seems like this team is on to something massive. Keep an eye on them.

The Next Web – May 19, 2012
Your Moment of Apple Zen Remember the Things That Steve Told Us

iPhoneclub – The Largest IPhone site of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (Dutch) May 1, 2012
Scopy en Zerobird: alleen foto’s of artikelen uit je Twitter-tijdlijn zien