The Secret to Eternal Happiness is never to be attached to the state of happiness.

Happiness is not something to seek and chase. It is just something to witness along with all the other emotions of the day. I have been participating and posting the #100happydays on facebook and Instagram. I started to do so in hopes of increasing the happiness of others by showing that one can witness happiness in many things. Since starting this #100happy days exercise, I have had many conversation about it which leads me to think in some way it is doing a dis-service.

Happiness is not a state to chase or to seek to be in at all times, rather the ability to witness all emotions without attachment to them or judgement around their existence, only to witness them, frees one to realize a higher state of being. If one is attached to being in the state of happiness, one will suffer more when experiencing all the states that are not happiness. So in essence chasing happiness decreases it.

Happiness is just an interpretation of some states of our perception of our projection of reality. We are what we think. With our thoughts we create our world. So our interpretation of our world contributes to our perception of our state of being. Once this is realized and there is just a witnesses, we may begin to interpret some states of perception differently. When one has experienced this clarity through this way of experiencing the world, Eternal happiness is achieved. It is not the same type of happiness we think of in general when we think of happiness such as joy of being given a surprise gift, the joy from sharing laughter with friends or some joyful life or work event, but more of a contentment from an eternal peace.

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