At career day 2014, I finally got to say to say to high school students what everyone suspects when they are younger but no one really talks about. So here it is the big secret to life and careers — Everyone is just discovering and making it up; life, their work, themselves, how to relate and how to be as they go.

  1. No one else will live your life so don’t waste a moment worrying about what lives other people fantasize you living out. That’s all in your head anyway. That is you projecting on them what you think they care to see you live. Make sure you are living the life YOU want to live. #BeYou
  2. You only learn what you love or hate through experience so don’t worry about being right. Just do something. You won’t figure out what career you want to do by sitting around and thinking about it. You will find out soon enough what is not for you or what is by trying something. You can’t know what a strawberry tastes like if you have never tried one. No matter what I tell you about a strawberry you will not know if you truly like it, until you try it. #JustDoIt
  3. Find your happiness, not just your paycheck. Live with contentment and purpose. Life is work either way. It is far more rewarding to work hard for something you want to do, that fulfills you and gives back to society than just to pay a bill. There are some things that money can’t buy.#LiveWithPurpose
  4. Life is short, party. It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. If you are shy, learn to talk to people. They really want to get to know you. Yes really. I know that is easier said than done. Talking to people who interest you will enable you to learn fastest about careers you may or may not be interested in and open up opportunities you did not even know existed. Network, shmooze, volunteer, party, talk to your neighbor, people on the buss — open yourself up to the world and it will open to you. You will find there is a spot and a job in it meant for you.#NoManIsAnIsland
  5. Being awesome at pretty much anything actually does require hard work and commitment. There is no such thing as an overnight success; there is only overnight awareness to a greater group of people of someone’s achievement. #WorkIt
  6. Don’t worry about doing everything right. You will live and all your experiences will shape who you are. For myself and all my friends who ever took time off, became disabled, were laid off, got fired, went unemployed by choice, or had any career impediment at any point, the hardest part of moving on was the guilt, blame, ashamed self talk that existed inside ourselves. What did or didn’t work out was already in our past and the faster we let go of that which we could not control the faster we were able to let in that which we can. The past can’t be changed. The only moment one can ever control is “now” so max out “now” and the next million nows aka “the future.” Everything will work out if you let the past go and stay in the now. #MaxNowOut
  7. By the time you think you are ready to do something you have already been ready for a very long time. Never wait to feel ready to go after your dreams. #GoForthAndbebold
  8. There is so much emphasis in high school about going to college. You are not a success or failure in life dependent on if you go to college. Go to college. Don’t go to college. Either way you will be fine and can live a full life. There are college graduates who are not successful. There are people who didn’t finish college who are. Life is completely what you make it.#MakeItYours
  9. Enjoy the journey of life. The journey is the destination.#BuyTheticketTakeTheRide

There are no rules on how to live. It’s your life. Go.

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