Adobe Youth Voices shot a video of my creative process to help inspire youth to go into the design field. It was one of the most fun videos to be a part of. The point was to show that design can be accessible.

The hardest thing for most people ever to do is to start to be what they really want to be. We often perceive the barrier to doing whatever the thing is well, to be high relative to our starting point. It is really not as high as anyone thinks. I didn’t touch on that in this video but I have often told many friends who want to start something or transition careers but are scared, that all they need to do is start. When you first start any career, you are just starting out so few people ever see what you are working on. The ones who do love you a lot and are supportive. By the time you get to the opportunity to work on something larger that more people see, you have become competent in what you are doing. You have become an expert and learned a lot. So if you want to do something go after it. I love what I do. I am never afraid to start. Because everyone starts somewhere. I hope that came across.

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