For my birthday this year I have decided I want to celebrate it differently. Instead of getting friends together for drinks or a party as I have done in the past, I am asking my friends to help me make a difference in our community for about the price of a cocktail.

My street artist friend Joseph helps the children who live in Hunters Point paint murals on their community center for City of Dreams. The children would like to paint more murals and need money for paint.

The children in City of Dreams have little to no control of their environment and the community center was a very drab and dreary place. The children are changing that. Painting murals helps these children understand they have the power to change and impact their own environment and life. It’s empowering.

I was on the mentor advisory board and mentored for City of Dreams so this cause is very close to my heart – blending art, self expression, and personal empowerment. Only 23% of the teens in Hunters Point graduate from High School. City of Dreams helps the kids in the program stay in school and graduate from high school. (90+%) The thing these children need is to believe they have the power to make their life better and I truly believe the murals are helping them and their community.

I am touched by the generosity of my friends. It only took a few people donating $10 each to ensure that there will be enough money for the kids to have more paint. If you would like to help as well you can donate here.

Much love and appreciation to you 🙂
– Chloë

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