So as of last week I started to notice something was not quite right with our startup Squawk’s twitter account @squawkme . I had set it up a month ago and not used it. When I returned to it last week I discovered we had 163 followers on the account without ever tweeting once. I was completely amazed. Then I clicked to see who they were. We were followed by 163 Russian Catbots. Click on any cat photo and I guarantee all the tweets will be in Russian.

I didn’t think it would continue. We now have approx 360 animals following us on twitter most of which are cats, some of which are dogs, a few of which are goats. This is one of those times I wonder if there is some 4Chan or Reddit trolling thing I don’t know about.

I’m trying to sort out what is going on. A few things that are going through my mind…

A) Cats are the mascot of the interwebs and this is a blessing from the interweb gods.
b) The universe is laughing at us.
c) Maybe we should find a new twitter account.
d) Maybe we should stay cool. Keep the account. It shows traction. Just not the type we were looking for.


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