I decided I did not want to have a standard christmas tree. I had an 8 ft tall one last year and something different was definitely in order. I looked all over the internet and in stores. I found this amazing architectural tree from PossibiliTree that can hang from the ceiling but it will not work in my current home. Picture on the left from PossibiliTree’s website.


This inspired me to go hunting for more all wood trees. The only other interesting wooden trees that I could find were made from drift wood like the one on the right which is available in a build your tree kit from Etsy. I have a huge ornament collection that would not have showcased well on a driftwood tree, so I passed. After much debate I bought a noble fur tree, pull off all its needles and spray painted it white. I thought it could turn out horrid or fabulous. You decide. Here is my alternative Christmas tree.


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