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We feel wise for knowing them.
Sometimes we laugh at them.
We define ourselves through them.
They help us relate to others.
They motivate.
They inspire us towards greatness.

Quotes are time capsules of thoughts distilled to their essence. When said by someone who has achieved greatness, collecting them allows us to build a bridge to our heroes. One of my heroes once said,

“We are what we think. All that we are, arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”

Changemakrs is my place to discover, collect and share the world’s most precious thoughts. I have been collecting my favorite quotes that help explain how I view the world since I was in middle school. I have written them down in diaries, doodled them into my homework and painted them into pictures. In an effort to share them with others, I’ve given people greeting cards of them, put them on my blog, shared memes about them and added them to my Facebook page.

But, it has been hard to keep all of my favorite quotes in one place. Sometimes when I have wanted to send a quote to a friend I can’t find it anymore. There are quote libraries that have been online since the dawn of the internet but they are terrible for discovery and search, and are just down right ugly. The words they contain may be inspiring but the sites themselves are not. Now with Changemakrs, I save all of my favorite quotes in one place that I can go back to when I need inspiration for myself or want to share some with my friends. People can discover the things that inspire me. I can browse through other peoples inspiration, collect new gems of wisdom and let them know I liked what they shared. In the process I find we are all inspired by so many of the same yet different things. As I go through the site and pick up quotes, it is like peering into a gem from the net of Indra, each one independent yet reflective of each other.

Google is the place I go to search for things. Wikipedia is the place that explains things. Changemakrs is a place that inspires me to dream big and do great things.

I helped start the site Changemakrs with some of my friends while working on our startup Zerobird. You can read how it started in this article from The Next Web. I am no longer involved in the site but as I use the site regularly, I wanted to explain why I care about the service and what Changemakrs means to me.

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