yeah I mean I spend everyday doing things I don't know how to do that push my boundaries and scare me and sometimes make me want to cry but I do them to change my life so I get that at times it is hard for you to push forward but we all have to find that thing within us that lets us push through those fears
— Wisdom ofChloë Bregman

A friend saved this snippet from our online chat conversation today. We all have something that challenges us in life. I have yet to meet a single person no matter how rich or poor who has not struggled with something. Some of our stuggles in life appear to be vastly more difficult than others from the position of the outside observer, but I have witnessed through my discussions with people that sometimes the seemingly smallest of challenges can create the greatest obstacles because of the attention and power given to it within that persons mind. My friend found this to be motivational and wanted me to share it with the world. You know who you are. This post is just for you. Keep going! Don’t worry about trying to play by other peoples rules. Figure out how to make your own. Then make them work. You’ve got to have some push in the world.

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