I started this blog in November 2012 for three reasons.

1) I have been using Facebook to share photos, videos and memories. It is quickly becoming my go to online photo gallery. For some things it is great but in general for articles, music, videos and stories I want to share it is terrible. I can’t search my feed to find something from a few years ago I want to share again with someone new. I can keep things bookmarked in services all over the internet but that requires time and doesn’t always work for very long as platforms cycle through growth states from novel to mature then finally the way of geocities. So, in a turn towards the past, I am saving specimens of my journey all in one place. Here is my marble collection.

2) I want to share my musings on product design, user experience and interface styles.

3) I value openness. I believe that by sharing aspects of who we are and as we value others as they share who they are, our understanding of all facets of what it means to be human increases. This blog has a few back dated posts in it of things I’ve shared on other blogs and platforms.

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