Yoda tweeted about us. Oh Snap.

Things have been busy here at Zerobird in the last week.

  • Sign-ups are continuing along at a steady pace with our Zerobird iPhone app.
  • More full articles embed and can be read from Zerobird’s optimized mobile reader than before.
  • got over 2 million page views in 48 hours and is close to 3 million.
  • We created to help inspire people and help them inspire each other. You can sign up on our page at
  • The Next Web wrote an article about why we did

“So there you have it. From a simple idea born out of inspiration has become a focus for a new type of company and site… I’m personally interested in social good and seeing how people are inspired by technology, thoughts, and quotes. It seems like this team is on to something massive. Keep an eye on them.”

– Drew Olanoff, The Next Web

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