We have moved out of coffee shops and Sacha’s apt. Singly has offered to let us work out of their office space. Best of all the people at Singly are wonderful, fun and smart, plus the space is very clean. I can’t work in a messy environment as I always believe we choose to surround ourselves with environments that reflect our inner state of being.

Sharing, encouraging, and fostering growth by offering assistance to early stage startups in the form of space, technical ideas, design, assistance with coding a prototype, legal advice etc is an important part of the tech ecosystem. Many people in this area myself included have helped out when possible on friends projects and ideas. It is not monetarily motivated because most of this is all without pay and an idea that may sometimes not see fruition. I think this is in part because we believe in ourselves and each other and share an ethos to change the world. No matter if someone is building an app or physical business in some way each mover, shaker, tinker, creator on some level is trying to change the world.

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